Easter Fun Ideas
With my little girl being 3 now, easter has become a lot more fun.  I decided to really celebrate easter this year for the first time and start a bit of an easter tradition. Something we haven’t had before but would look forward to each year.
When she woke up the easter bunny had left a basket in her room with an easter T-shirt in it , a bunny teddy and a little easter treat in a bag .
when we went downstairs , the dining room was laid out like a teddy bear/ Toy picnic .  I told my daughter that the easter bunny must have been having a picnic with the toys while we were sleeping. She loved it and we ate our breakfast there.
It was easy to put together thanks to the 99p shop (if in UK) and the dollar stores (if in USA) . I got the following
  • Stickers – which I put on bit of card to stand up as a little display
  • table cover – I just folded this to the size I wanted
  • Shot glasses – these were shaped perfectly to the adult ones to look like mini tumbler glasses
  • paper plates
  • Bunny lights
  • Easter confetti
  • Easter bunting
The shops are always full of great selections at the time
After breakfast (always good to get something other than chocolate to start , might not get away with that every year) we got our easter basket and went egg hunting.  Had to be indoors this year due to the weather but she didn’t mind.  We bought plastic eggs and had lots of different gifts inside them (this was cheap loot items from eBay).  She had a blast and had to play the ‘hunt the eggs’ game many many times during the day .
All items you need would be super cheap and lots of hours of fun.  Let us know of any ideas you do
Hope you like
Love from us xx