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April 2016

Our play picnic set

I love this set and love how we made it.  I got the picnic basket for my christmas off a friend and it was full of lovely treats. After christmas I was unsure what to do with the left over basket and thought about a picnic set for me and April to use.  April loves to pretend play so I thought we could make an indoor picnic set.  It means we can use it so much more than waiting on some sun in the UK.

We headed to the charity shop to find some fun china cups.  April picked these.IMG_3118.JPG

Aren’t they the cutest?

We then needed a teapot that a little one could use. At another charity shop we found this one. Nice and chunky so its easy for her to use and small too .  Its a teapot and a cup but she just loved the colours and perfect size to use as just a teapot


We ordered cheap fabric from eBay and we have ourself a quirky picnic set.  I love that it is made up of different things and can be added too .

So easy to do, you need to do it too !

Here we are having our picnic

Teepee fun

Last year I fell in love with all the teepees I saw for little ones to play in.  They are gorgeous and all over Facebook selling pages.  I love a project and don’t like to pay over the odds for things that I can maybe do for much cheaper.

Challenge set ha ha.

On Pinterest (who doesn’t love Pinterest) I looked for some DIY teepee tips and instructions.  There are lots and lots to choose from.  I picked three and made up my own version of the three.  Took me a few days with a little one running around but I finished it and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought.  I was so pleased with myself (its important to feel good at your creations).    I set it all up for my little one to see when she came down stairs in the morning and guess what?………She didn’t go in it.  Ha ha kids eh.  Luckily it didn’t last long and after a little while it was getting used and played in.  It is so easy to store it will last for a while.

I love it more than my little one does    😉


World book day 2016

My little girl started pre-school in Jan.  As tough as it was for me we embraced it wonderfully.  I love when an opportunity arises that I can get creative. So when world book day appeared on the preschool board I couldnt wait.

April is a girly girl and loves to dress up.  I knew I could have went to the supermarket and picked out many outfits but I want April to remember how involved I got and how I always tried to make her a little unique.

We (me) decided on Dorothy from the wizard of Oz.  As I thought most things just now are all Frozen related we would go with something else and stick with the BOOK idea.

I also like a bargain so on to ebay I go.  I bought a cute little basket and a gingham dress which come with a free hair tie.   Thats all I need

I embroidered on to the back of the dress “We are off to see the Wizard” and two red shoes.  I always have lots of scrap fabric so easy to add bits too or use in applique.


I cut up the hair tie and made two bows with some ribbon ( be careful of the glue gun OUCH)

I really enjoyed making this cute outfit. Cost me less than the store bought ones and something I can keep in her memory box for when she is older .




Memory Bear/Bunny

I love thinking of new things to sew/embroider.  I was clearing out more and more or my daughters clothes and had seen an article on memory bears.  In case anyone has not heard of them, they are teddies made out of clothes so that you can keep forever.

So I set myself a project to make one. However I did not want to go cutting up my baby girls clothes for it not to work and then I no longer have them to keep.  So I went to the charity shop and bought baby clothes to use for my test dummy.  Good idea eh?  I thought so.

I then had to find a pattern that I wanted to make .  There are lots of lovely sites to buy from.  Usually ETSY is great to view most of them together.  I choose a cute bunny that I liked. All floppy and cute.

Once the test bunny worked I got on to the real memory bunny and it turned out great.

 Definitely something I will do again.


Aprils (toddler) Bathroom Products

As I have spoke about before I am very much for health products when I can.  I have changed a lot of our things in our house to either DIY non toxic products or store bought non toxic products.

I have some products I just love for my baby and have used them for a while now.  I like that she has (mainly) only used natural products from the time she was born ….. give or take a night at her grandparents.

I thought I would let you know the items I use so that you can also try them on your little ones knowing I have had great success with them

IMG_2793 copy

Here they are.

I have used the Childs Farm hair and body wash (Red top ) since April was very small.  Works for everything at bath time. Its my number one.

The Childs Farm bubble bath (Blue top) is great.  We don’t use it too often as I am not a huge fan of bubbles but when we have them its from this bottle

The Childs Farm hair detangler is great.  I got it to try and loved it but my daughter doesn’t have much hair and I mainly used it for wetting hair to put it up, so just now I have just refilled the cute bottle with water but for you mamas out there with long hair daughters this is a good one.  We will buy again when she has more hair lol

The Childs Farm moisturiser.  Is lovely . After I put it on Aprils arms as they get dry I would put some on my face and hands and I suffer from a spotty face at times ( not just teenagers ) and I haven’t since using this. I love it and now have one for my collection.  Not saying it will work for everyone but with natural ingredients you cant go wrong.

After reading a lot about toothpaste I decided we were no longer using fluoride.  I read lots of product reviews on Amazon with different kinds of natural toothpaste and this is the one I was attracted too. We all use it. There are many different flavours to try but its 100% natural….sounds good to me.

Hope you like and maybe something you would like to try.


Love me xxx

Gardening fun fun fun

Today the sun was shining, it hasnt done that for so so long so I was determined to make the most of it.

April is three so she is at a great age for getting involved and trying  new things.  In fact we are at the stage she NEEDS to be doing something or she gets up to something lol.

We decided on gardening for a bit of fun and discovery.  We took Daddy with us to the store to purchase lots of fun planters and of course the all important plants .

April loved getting her hands all muddy and choosing what plant went where.  We even bought a water can so she can continue the fun.

So thankful for fun filled days like this. Especially when it is sunny.

How was your day ?


Lorraine and April xxxx

DIY ToDo board

I am a nightmare at remembering things ….I used to be better, whether its age or being a mummy I don’t know but I have got worse.  I can say to myself ‘remember to take that letter to post’ all morning while getting dressed and then leave the house, walking passed the letter and out the door.  Then remember 2 mins later that I needed to post the letter lol . I do it a lot and started putting things directly at the door I needed to remember but that was ok for some stuff.   I needed a little reminder board.  


At the store I found an A4 photo frame for just £2.50 ($3.50 dollars roughly) . I made a very simple print at home from Microsoft Word.  Printed and put in the picture frame .  

You can print any design you want or change it regularly.  Maybe a menu for the kitchen or something for the kids room.  I have included two that you are welcome to use, one I have shown in the above picture and the other has days of the week on it.  

Document1 [Compatibility Mode] 2         Document1 [Compatibility Mode]

(hope this link works )

Dry board markers work good writing on the glass or there are others on eBay .  

I have put the board at the front door where we keep the keys……cant forget now right ?


Hope you enjoy 

Lorraine  xxx

My everything cleaner spray

I decided about two years ago to make a big change with my life and get rid of toxic items in my house.  This all came around from a very small health scare and while looking it up on google I found some very interesting articles on the amount of toxic items in the house.  I was naive . I didn’t think the world would sell you things that could and can cause cancer.  I didn’t think that would be allowed.  How wrong was I.  This world in some ways is just a huge greedy business.

So I decided I would make a change with what I could, for my world.  At first the jump seemed huge.  The more I read the more I found that I needed/wanted to change.  It all felt overwhelming.  I decided that I need to tackle this ‘cake’ one slice at a  time .

Since then I have tried many different natural products/recipes, some worked great others not so much. One that I love and works better than some previous toxic cleaners I have used in the past, is my all purpose cleaning spray.  I have a bottle in the bathroom and a bottle in the kitchen .  Its well tested and a must have for your home too.



So what you need is :

A glass spray bottle . What I did was bought a cheap plastic spray bottle and a bottle of vinegar from the supermarket, which always comes in a glass bottle. I poured out the vinegar (and rinsed out the bottle of course) then put the spray pump part in the glass bottle .  It fits perfect.

Some essential oils.  I use lemon (degreaser ) and tea tree (natural antiseptic )

Soap.  I use the Dr Bronners lavender soap.  This way it has lavender in it also (like tea tree another natural cleaner)

What you need to do :

Boil the kettle and let the water cool.  Pour the water into the glass bottle near to the top (but not quite) then put in the soap … Two good squeezes is my measurement but this is prob more a tablespoon.  (clearly more is soaper ) then around 5 drops of both essential oils . put on the spray part and you are done.

Seriously try this on your hob.  It is amazing. I spray on and leave for 5/10 mins and then just wash off.  Nothing has ever cleaned it so well and its all natural .


Just what we need . xxxx


My memory bear

I am very sentimental and keep everything. What I am keeping it for I don’t know.  I imagine when I am 70 years old looking back at my memory box (all 40 of them ha ha ) and enjoy remembering everything all over again.  However there is a mountain of stuff and I think some of it is just silly to keep a hold of, or so I am told by my loving husband who is running out of room in the loft.  One thing is the pjs I wore at the hospital when I first held my newborn daughter. (Don’t worry they were clean lol ) . I knew it was pointless keeping this but at same time they remind me of a special day in my life.  A memory I never want to forget.

With my embroidery machine (Brother V3) I can make soft toys from patterns which you can purchase.  I love the patterns from as the detail is great and they ALWAYS turn out perfect. So I thought I would use the pjs fabric and make a memory bear for my daughters baby box and that way I get to always remember in a special way .  I decided on the teddy bear pattern (although there are many patterns) and I cut up the fabric and added a special message . What do you think ?  I think its a nice way to keep something that was otherwise not needed .



I love thinking of different ways to  make the special items more useful.  I love this and something April can keep.


Hope you like this .

Love Lorraine xx

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