When I was little I would disappear into a world of my own imagination and play with toys for hours.  I was very happy to be alone and make up my own games.  However this little monkey of mine is not quite the same.  Not sure if its an age thing but she needs to BE entertained.  So I am being creative and have over a few weeks I have collected items to make a Post Office.  I loved to play this when I was little.

I had a look online to print the post office sign and found a great site for printing door numbers (see the photos)  this is the link http://www.sparklebox.co.uk/topic/roleplay/shops/post.html#.Vv-CRzZlnVo

It has great things to download . We downloaded the post office sign and the door number 1-10 .

I also bought mini envelopes, play stamps and a self stamping (we bought a star but many shapes) from eBay

We cute up some cardboard to fit the envelopes and TADA a post office .  My daughter loved it and helped her identify and write the numbers .  Great when educational too.

Have a shot and let me know how you do

Love Momma and April