I love to sew and been self taught.  When stuck I turn to youtube, forums and one off classes. I have learnt so much and bought a second hand embroidery machine as my next step in the sewing world. I knew nothing about it and it felt so big in terms of learning, but slowly (very slowly and with a lot of broken needles) I eventually got the hang of it and the machine became too small and limited for what I was wanting to do next.  So my lovely husband bought me a Brother V3 embroidery machine for my birthday and Christmas.  It is my pride and joy.

I again started from the beginning and worked my way up . Was a lot scarier with this machine but only due to the cost. The machine itself was so user friendly and much easier to use than my beginner one.  Before I knew it I was downloading many many designs from Etsy and my house was covered in my creations.  I soon realised that you can make soft toys on the machine. Start to finish and all complete in the embroidery machine. I loved it. One of the best sites I found was Dolls and Daydreams (dollsanddaydreams.com) Now they realise a pattern every Friday, its super exciting to see what comes out next. I have bought lots. They are so detailed and extremely well made.  I have had my machine for only a couple of years and started learning sewing just before that. I am proud of the progress I have made and this is where I am at now. I went from knowing nothing to being able to create this, With a little help by the embroidery machine of course (maybe more than a little)


This might not seem great to a very experienced sewer but I am very pleased.  The boy pattern is from dollsanddaydreams.com and altered and added to a little.  The site has a forum and everyone helps to get a creation you will love.

If you are starting out on anything keep going you will be amazed at how fare you can get.

I could say this is for my child but I would be lying, its for me hee hee


Love me xxxx