I am very sentimental and keep everything. What I am keeping it for I don’t know.  I imagine when I am 70 years old looking back at my memory box (all 40 of them ha ha ) and enjoy remembering everything all over again.  However there is a mountain of stuff and I think some of it is just silly to keep a hold of, or so I am told by my loving husband who is running out of room in the loft.  One thing is the pjs I wore at the hospital when I first held my newborn daughter. (Don’t worry they were clean lol ) . I knew it was pointless keeping this but at same time they remind me of a special day in my life.  A memory I never want to forget.

With my embroidery machine (Brother V3) I can make soft toys from patterns which you can purchase.  I love the patterns from dollsanddaydreams.com as the detail is great and they ALWAYS turn out perfect. So I thought I would use the pjs fabric and make a memory bear for my daughters baby box and that way I get to always remember in a special way .  I decided on the teddy bear pattern (although there are many patterns) and I cut up the fabric and added a special message . What do you think ?  I think its a nice way to keep something that was otherwise not needed .



I love thinking of different ways to  make the special items more useful.  I love this and something April can keep.


Hope you like this .

Love Lorraine xx