I decided about two years ago to make a big change with my life and get rid of toxic items in my house.  This all came around from a very small health scare and while looking it up on google I found some very interesting articles on the amount of toxic items in the house.  I was naive . I didn’t think the world would sell you things that could and can cause cancer.  I didn’t think that would be allowed.  How wrong was I.  This world in some ways is just a huge greedy business.

So I decided I would make a change with what I could, for my world.  At first the jump seemed huge.  The more I read the more I found that I needed/wanted to change.  It all felt overwhelming.  I decided that I need to tackle this ‘cake’ one slice at a  time .

Since then I have tried many different natural products/recipes, some worked great others not so much. One that I love and works better than some previous toxic cleaners I have used in the past, is my all purpose cleaning spray.  I have a bottle in the bathroom and a bottle in the kitchen .  Its well tested and a must have for your home too.



So what you need is :

A glass spray bottle . What I did was bought a cheap plastic spray bottle and a bottle of vinegar from the supermarket, which always comes in a glass bottle. I poured out the vinegar (and rinsed out the bottle of course) then put the spray pump part in the glass bottle .  It fits perfect.

Some essential oils.  I use lemon (degreaser ) and tea tree (natural antiseptic )

Soap.  I use the Dr Bronners lavender soap.  This way it has lavender in it also (like tea tree another natural cleaner)

What you need to do :

Boil the kettle and let the water cool.  Pour the water into the glass bottle near to the top (but not quite) then put in the soap … Two good squeezes is my measurement but this is prob more a tablespoon.  (clearly more is soaper ) then around 5 drops of both essential oils . put on the spray part and you are done.

Seriously try this on your hob.  It is amazing. I spray on and leave for 5/10 mins and then just wash off.  Nothing has ever cleaned it so well and its all natural .


Just what we need . xxxx