I am a nightmare at remembering things ….I used to be better, whether its age or being a mummy I don’t know but I have got worse.  I can say to myself ‘remember to take that letter to post’ all morning while getting dressed and then leave the house, walking passed the letter and out the door.  Then remember 2 mins later that I needed to post the letter lol . I do it a lot and started putting things directly at the door I needed to remember but that was ok for some stuff.   I needed a little reminder board.  


At the store I found an A4 photo frame for just £2.50 ($3.50 dollars roughly) . I made a very simple print at home from Microsoft Word.  Printed and put in the picture frame .  

You can print any design you want or change it regularly.  Maybe a menu for the kitchen or something for the kids room.  I have included two that you are welcome to use, one I have shown in the above picture and the other has days of the week on it.  

Document1 [Compatibility Mode] 2         Document1 [Compatibility Mode]

(hope this link works )

Dry board markers work good writing on the glass or there are others on eBay .  

I have put the board at the front door where we keep the keys……cant forget now right ?


Hope you enjoy 

Lorraine  xxx