As I have spoke about before I am very much for health products when I can.  I have changed a lot of our things in our house to either DIY non toxic products or store bought non toxic products.

I have some products I just love for my baby and have used them for a while now.  I like that she has (mainly) only used natural products from the time she was born ….. give or take a night at her grandparents.

I thought I would let you know the items I use so that you can also try them on your little ones knowing I have had great success with them

IMG_2793 copy

Here they are.

I have used the Childs Farm hair and body wash (Red top ) since April was very small.  Works for everything at bath time. Its my number one.

The Childs Farm bubble bath (Blue top) is great.  We don’t use it too often as I am not a huge fan of bubbles but when we have them its from this bottle

The Childs Farm hair detangler is great.  I got it to try and loved it but my daughter doesn’t have much hair and I mainly used it for wetting hair to put it up, so just now I have just refilled the cute bottle with water but for you mamas out there with long hair daughters this is a good one.  We will buy again when she has more hair lol

The Childs Farm moisturiser.  Is lovely . After I put it on Aprils arms as they get dry I would put some on my face and hands and I suffer from a spotty face at times ( not just teenagers ) and I haven’t since using this. I love it and now have one for my collection.  Not saying it will work for everyone but with natural ingredients you cant go wrong.

After reading a lot about toothpaste I decided we were no longer using fluoride.  I read lots of product reviews on Amazon with different kinds of natural toothpaste and this is the one I was attracted too. We all use it. There are many different flavours to try but its 100% natural….sounds good to me.

Hope you like and maybe something you would like to try.


Love me xxx