I love thinking of new things to sew/embroider.  I was clearing out more and more or my daughters clothes and had seen an article on memory bears.  In case anyone has not heard of them, they are teddies made out of clothes so that you can keep forever.

So I set myself a project to make one. However I did not want to go cutting up my baby girls clothes for it not to work and then I no longer have them to keep.  So I went to the charity shop and bought baby clothes to use for my test dummy.  Good idea eh?  I thought so.

I then had to find a pattern that I wanted to make .  There are lots of lovely sites to buy from.  Usually ETSY is great to view most of them together.  I choose a cute bunny that I liked. All floppy and cute.

Once the test bunny worked I got on to the real memory bunny and it turned out great.

 Definitely something I will do again.