My little girl started pre-school in Jan.  As tough as it was for me we embraced it wonderfully.  I love when an opportunity arises that I can get creative. So when world book day appeared on the preschool board I couldnt wait.

April is a girly girl and loves to dress up.  I knew I could have went to the supermarket and picked out many outfits but I want April to remember how involved I got and how I always tried to make her a little unique.

We (me) decided on Dorothy from the wizard of Oz.  As I thought most things just now are all Frozen related we would go with something else and stick with the BOOK idea.

I also like a bargain so on to ebay I go.  I bought a cute little basket and a gingham dress which come with a free hair tie.   Thats all I need

I embroidered on to the back of the dress “We are off to see the Wizard” and two red shoes.  I always have lots of scrap fabric so easy to add bits too or use in applique.


I cut up the hair tie and made two bows with some ribbon ( be careful of the glue gun OUCH)

I really enjoyed making this cute outfit. Cost me less than the store bought ones and something I can keep in her memory box for when she is older .