I love this set and love how we made it.  I got the picnic basket for my christmas off a friend and it was full of lovely treats. After christmas I was unsure what to do with the left over basket and thought about a picnic set for me and April to use.  April loves to pretend play so I thought we could make an indoor picnic set.  It means we can use it so much more than waiting on some sun in the UK.

We headed to the charity shop to find some fun china cups.  April picked these.IMG_3118.JPG

Aren’t they the cutest?

We then needed a teapot that a little one could use. At another charity shop we found this one. Nice and chunky so its easy for her to use and small too .  Its a teapot and a cup but she just loved the colours and perfect size to use as just a teapot


We ordered cheap fabric from eBay and we have ourself a quirky picnic set.  I love that it is made up of different things and can be added too .

So easy to do, you need to do it too !

Here we are having our picnic