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May 2016

Summer with a three year old

Every year it changes and every child is different.  With April only being three it feels like every year is new again . Like she hasnt seen sunny weather and all the fun that comes with it. 


Summer is super exciting as lots of outdoor playing and lazing in the garden. Even the dog thinks so 


There is nothing that little Missy doesn’t have (I feel bad that she has so much however most has been second hand) and yet still she needs entertained as much as she does.  I have a question for you mommas out there …….. Is it an age thing ? do they play more when they are bigger? 


Don’t get me wrong I love playing with her and realise she is only little for a small amount of time but I think it is good for them to use their imagination …… just to allow me a cup of tea on my own Ha Ha.


Our first sunny day here in Scotland.  We always try to make the most of it as never know how much we are getting. 


WE had a lovely BBQ, sand pit out and paddling pool was even out too.   It took ages blowing up the paddling pool and getting hot water in ( a little hose water too )  Not sure what April was expecting but she stepped in it , and complained it was too cold before slipping and saying NO NO NO. What a girl .


We had fun and hope there is many many more this year


Old Macdonald had a farm

April is only in nursery and she has been singing Old Macdonald all week. When the weekend came and it was super sunny I thought it would be great to take her to a farm and see some of the animals. We don’t have many around but we have a very cute one not too far and it has a lovely shop too.

She was so excited to go and sang the nursery rhyme all the way . Too cute.
We looked round lots and she sang to each animal their part of the song . This age is very cute.  We will def be back to this farm …… take a picnic next time I think xx


Happy birthday daddy 

It was Garys birthday a few weeks ago but he has been mega mega busy and been out of town so it has taken us until now to celebrate it.   

His parents are great and always like to make an effort for family.  I love that. So invited us to their house to have food and cake . 

We were super blessed with gorgeous sun and they have amazing views so altogether was a lovely day. Hope we see more sunny family days like this.  

Happy birthday dada 

Aprils new coat I made

I love sewing.  I am self taught and it doesnt always go well, but I keep going.  I love having new things to sew but dont want them to be overly complicated. WHo has time for that with a little madam running around needing to ‘HELP’ with everything you do .

On etsy I had been looking at a few sewing patterns and feel in love with a coat/jacket . It looked adorable….Could I make it though????

This is the etsy photo and etsy link


Well I have to say it was very easy to make.  The instuctions were easy and it took me under two hours ( I wasnt rushed) to make it . I love love love it .  I cant wait to make some more

Here it is IMG_3896what do you think ?  I Love it and here is my little madam wearing it and  a silly smile IMG_3900

Highly recommend this pattern , even for a beginner xxxxx

Our new car

We have had a busy week this week . Lots going on .  We started Monday by saying goodbye to my old car and then going to pick up a new one .  It may sound weird but I was a little upset getting rid of my wee car.  I couldnt even take a last picture lol.  I get attached to things very easily and I am very sentimental.  My little Rav4 brought my baby girl home from the hospital.  However after 7 years it needed to rest now.   I went and got a newish ( new for me ) VW Tiguan .  I love it.  I had the Rav4 for so long that when I got in the new car the new gadgets were quite a leap from the old car.


you can see I have went from a 4×4 to another 4×4.  I like the safe way they make me feel.  Although I think most cars are a lot safer nowadays with their 9 million airbags lol.   However very happy with the car purchase.

One of the gadgets on the car is self parking ( not the technical name but basically what it does ) I was amazed and scared all in one HAHA .  needless to say I havent tried it myself , I will have to master this at some point.

Its always strange getting used to a new car but I am enjoying it .

Everyone likes a new toy .


Much love

US xx

Buddha experience

Yesterday I ended up in a Buddhism meditation class.  It was what I thought I was going too, but strange how the world can direct you to things. 

Me and my friend saw a class on ‘stop worrying and start living ‘.  I love things like this as find them very inspirational and buy a lot of books around these sort of topics.  

Well we attended the class and the talk was given by a Buddhist monk.   I’m not religious but I do have my own beliefs and values.  He spoke a little about Buddhism and I couldn’t believe how much matched my beliefs.  

I had a great time and felt great after leaving the class .  Loved the thinking and way behind the talk . Will def be signing up for more.  

Aprils first makeup tutorial

This is Aprils first make-up blog (just a bit of fun)

April says you need nothing else just a blush and lip stick. We use 100%pure ( because its non toxic, natural and safe.

FullSizeRender 7

Starting on the lips ….you just need to go for it and circle round two times.  This should make it last ALL day lol.

FullSizeRender 6

Then move on to the cheeks. This is where you need to put all your attention.  Ensure that you push the stick in quite hard. Getting a good amount on there.  Next do the same with the other cheek.

Then start working the cheek bones . Best to swipe big so you get it all.

Perfect now you are ready to move on to your hair and get dressed


Ha HA hope this brightened your day.

Love from APRIL xxx


Swim April Swim

We took April swimming very early on . We found a great little pool.  The pool was warm, small and perfect for a baby.  It wasnt big enough to have serious swimmers in so was always quiet.

At the pool there was a swimming teacher that did private classes. When April was about two we asked about putting her on the list and getting her private swimming lessons.  THe group ones don’t take them until they are 5 but she takes them from 3 as its one to one.

She started a couple of months before her 3rd birthday.  SHe is doing so well and just loves the water. She has always been a water baby and has no fear.


So proud of you buttercup . Keep up the good work . xx

Soft play day

We headed to soft play madness today and let April run crazy for a while.  She is three and an only child so needless to say she needs one of us with her.  I like that anyway as still think she is that little young and the soft plays are HUGE .  I think part of me knows that there isnt long left where she will want us to be with her . Another little while and it will be shoes off and away she goes .

We ran about for ages and then headed for out for a meal .  A lovely easy family day.  What life is all about . Life goes too fast some times

FullSizeRender 5

Have fun you guys xx

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