I woke with a horrendous sore throat in the middle of the night the other night.  So very sore and when morning came the day was not going to wait on me getting better so up I got.  Off out to a playdate and doing the chores I needed to do.  Slowly feeling worse and worse.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 14.06.49Then by the afternoon my body decided I wasnt listening so it was going to show me that I needed to rest and I fell into bed feeling very bad.  Lucky Dada was there to help .

On waking it felt like glass in my throat and was just so unpleasant ( I understand there is a lot worse and the point of this post isn’t about my infection )  though I felt guilty laying in bed.  I had no energy and felt I couldn’t move but yet mommy guilt crept in.  Poor April not getting played with .  Anyone else with me ?   There you are ill and not feeling well and yet your first thought is them .

Well the throat got worse and a rash appeared and then antibiotics were given as the infection was bad.  I took the next day in bed but kept saying to my husband are you okay ?  need me to do anything?  lol .  by the following day in bed I was missing April.  I got up and and tried to play for an hour and ended up back in bed not feeling the best.

Think what I need to say to you moms out there is .  It’s okay to take a day to yourself , healthy or unwell….. especially unwell .  It’s important to get you time in a normal week but when you are unwell its even more important.  The doctor said do not rush to get better , the body needs the energy to sort itself out . If you rush and get up then it will take longer to feel better.  We need to remember .  We need to get ourselves better first so that we can be there for our family.  Plus its good they miss us lol .

Hats off to anyone having to deal with longer illnesses and take care of a family . I can’t imagine how you feel and how you cope at times.  I don’t generally get it and I didnt cope too well .