Kids fall a lot,  Its how they find out about the world.  Best thing about kids is when they fall they get back up.  However with these falls comes a lot of skint knees and cut hands.

My daughter does not cope with a bang or a graze.  She is hysterical.  she hates plasters so that cant be my FIXER .  However when I was little my mum would tell me that there was a skin fairy.  The skin fairy comes when you hurt yourself and makes it better when you sleep.  The fairys are the ones who put the scab on the wound when they are finished.  I loved this and it made me feel safe .

When april got to the age of falling and bumping herself I told her about the skin fairy and adapted it for our house.  Worked like a charm. Especially last week when she cut her finger and there was the first blood injury (very small but she was not happy)

If you get any bobos the skin fairy comes when you are asleep and fixes you.  They then leave a letter and a chocolate coin to say they have been and everything is fixed and better.  ( I google fairy notepaper and print a page out . Many to choose from)   .

She loves the idea and now when she hurts herself she says “Its okay the fairy will fix it”  happy child , happy mummy.

love from the Creative home xxxx