When I was pregnant I wasn’t pro boy or pro girl.  I was more concerned about health ( I suffer from health anxiety)   Gary was the same although he always pictured a little girl.  When we went for our scan and found out it was a girl I was so pleased (as I would be if it was a boy) and started picturing all pink and all girly things.  Gary imagined his little princess kickboxing and Rc car racing.

We are the type of parents that believe children should not only be offered stereotypical toys and clothes. They should be shown lots and make decisions for themselves .   Clearly when they are babies you go with your likes and dislikes but as they grow they start to get a mind of their own.   I love seeing this part.

April was given cars and trucks as well as dolls and prams. She was our first and a first grandchild so there wasn’t much she didn’t have.

My friend had a boy and he was also given both doll and pram and cars and trucks. What I find fascinating is that they have both taken the stereotype path even though we did not lead them in any way.  April is all pink and loves dresses and refuses jeans (even cute girly ones).  All about dolls, prams and princesses . Her little friend is trucks , cars and trains mad.

I love that they both got choices and allowed to be who THEY want to be and make their own choices .  Is your child the same ?