Hey Lovely people


Had to show you two great products I love (this is not an Advert) and going to hopefully need this summer.  Bring on the sun.


I love the sun but I hate putting on sun lotion because I worry about what is in it.  Also April has very sensitive skin and when I put on sun lotion to protect her from the sun, she gets a rash from the cream. 


I try when I can to get natural products only. I researched best organic sun lotion.  Some sun lotions are so expensive so I wanted a good lotion and not too expensive.  I found these .




Green people make great organic products. I have been happy with the products I use.  This is a very nice sun lotion and nice to know that I am not putting on any toxins on my skin and it doesn’t irritate April’s skin . YAY


Now all we need is some sun.