We have had a busy week this week . Lots going on .  We started Monday by saying goodbye to my old car and then going to pick up a new one .  It may sound weird but I was a little upset getting rid of my wee car.  I couldnt even take a last picture lol.  I get attached to things very easily and I am very sentimental.  My little Rav4 brought my baby girl home from the hospital.  However after 7 years it needed to rest now.   I went and got a newish ( new for me ) VW Tiguan .  I love it.  I had the Rav4 for so long that when I got in the new car the new gadgets were quite a leap from the old car.


you can see I have went from a 4×4 to another 4×4.  I like the safe way they make me feel.  Although I think most cars are a lot safer nowadays with their 9 million airbags lol.   However very happy with the car purchase.

One of the gadgets on the car is self parking ( not the technical name but basically what it does ) I was amazed and scared all in one HAHA .  needless to say I havent tried it myself , I will have to master this at some point.

Its always strange getting used to a new car but I am enjoying it .

Everyone likes a new toy .


Much love

US xx