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May 2016

Sun Lotion and natural

Hey Lovely people


Had to show you two great products I love (this is not an Advert) and going to hopefully need this summer.  Bring on the sun.


I love the sun but I hate putting on sun lotion because I worry about what is in it.  Also April has very sensitive skin and when I put on sun lotion to protect her from the sun, she gets a rash from the cream. 


I try when I can to get natural products only. I researched best organic sun lotion.  Some sun lotions are so expensive so I wanted a good lotion and not too expensive.  I found these .




Green people make great organic products. I have been happy with the products I use.  This is a very nice sun lotion and nice to know that I am not putting on any toxins on my skin and it doesn’t irritate April’s skin . YAY


Now all we need is some sun.

Our sunny PJ day

We live in the UK and its not always the warmest.  So when the sun visits we like to make the most of it.  We got our garden done last year and got fake grass down . Super easy maintenance.  Means its ready when ever the big shiny yellow thing is in the sky .

Its nice to just be having fun in the garden and getting lots of fresh air.  Its only May so I am aware that its not scorching hot.  Hopefully its the start of it all though.

Fun fun fun .

My Health anxiety (the intro)

This is a tough subject for me but I thought I would introduce it here as this blog is about me and my life and I want it to be included.  Its part of me and who I am.  I didn’t want it, I didn’t ask for it but its been around me for a long time and its part of who I am.   Its Health anxiety

If you google definition of health anxiety you get this

Health anxiety is an anxiety disorder that is often housed within the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) spectrum of disorders. Those affected by health anxiety have an obsessional preoccupation with the idea or the thought that they are currently (or will be) experiencing a physical illness.
This is in a nutshell but lets be honest with every illness it doesn’t always work as “one size fits all”  .
For me I wouldn’t say I am OCD but I can understand this if your health anxiety was very extreme and thoughts of keeping clean.  Mine, thankfully,  isn’t as bad as it could be.  However this doesn’t mean it’s not there and that it’s easy.
I have always suffered with being scared of death and how I will die.  Whenever I get a pain or ill I think the worst.  A sore head is a brain tumour, A sore leg is a blood clot, a pain in my chest is a heart attack.  You get the picture. Thing with health anxiety there is no alternative to what the pain or illness could be, It can’t just be a headache.  This maybe sound strange to someone that doesn’t have it. In fact on days when all is fine I think the same.
Things in my past haven’t helped this, in fact it probably fuelled the anxiety fire.  My mum has always been ill and its been with very serious things. When I was in my early 20s I lost two dear friends for very rare reasons and lastly there is a lot of people in our life and families and I think I have been to a funeral every year since I was a child of 12.  Even writing this makes me see what has caused and created the anxiety I have today.
I have got to the stage that I realise triggers and times that I am at my worse and I can identify that its JUST anxiety and try and fight the images and stories my mind makes up .  However it is not always easy .
I am not going to say much more for now as I feel you guys may fall asleep with the amount I could say . However just know if you have health anxiety then you are not alone.
I am going to talk about health anxiety on here at times, how I cope with things, how I coped in labour and pregnancy and how I cope as a mum.  I have not got it as bad as some but it is my story. We all worry about health at some points so hopefully my stories will help someone out there .
Much love from me to you xx


My girly girl

When I was pregnant I wasn’t pro boy or pro girl.  I was more concerned about health ( I suffer from health anxiety)   Gary was the same although he always pictured a little girl.  When we went for our scan and found out it was a girl I was so pleased (as I would be if it was a boy) and started picturing all pink and all girly things.  Gary imagined his little princess kickboxing and Rc car racing.

We are the type of parents that believe children should not only be offered stereotypical toys and clothes. They should be shown lots and make decisions for themselves .   Clearly when they are babies you go with your likes and dislikes but as they grow they start to get a mind of their own.   I love seeing this part.

April was given cars and trucks as well as dolls and prams. She was our first and a first grandchild so there wasn’t much she didn’t have.

My friend had a boy and he was also given both doll and pram and cars and trucks. What I find fascinating is that they have both taken the stereotype path even though we did not lead them in any way.  April is all pink and loves dresses and refuses jeans (even cute girly ones).  All about dolls, prams and princesses . Her little friend is trucks , cars and trains mad.

I love that they both got choices and allowed to be who THEY want to be and make their own choices .  Is your child the same ?



Quotes I love

There are so many quotes that I love that it is actually difficult to pick my favourite.  But here are my top ten.

These are the ones that I will hope April will also follow in life.

The first set are about her and who she is.  I want her to know she is more than she thinks she is. Capable of more than she knows.  One of the quotes is from the film – The Help.  I love how she wants the little girl to know and feel how special she is.  Also I want April to learn its HER life, she isn’t valued to her relationship with another just her relationship with herself.


The next set is about treating people right. Don’t let anger get in the way, never judge as you don’t know their story and again always be kind.


This set is about dreams.  So many things get in the way of dreams and goals that its nice to have a board to give advice.  I also believe in the Law of Attraction.  What you think about you get.  I think our thoughts are more powerful than we realise.

This last one is for when she becomes a mama.  I heard this not so long ago and thought it sums it up perfectly. Being a mum is fantastic and the best thing I have ever done but  Some days doing the same things over and over can be long.  They can be very very boring (it’s ok to say) .  But the years, well they ARE short and they don’t repeat.  So try to remember this at the tough times.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 16.04.52

Hope you liked my top TEN . Okay there was way more than ten but how could I cut these back .


Hope you follow on Instagram     HomeCreativeHome   Much love .  xxxx


Momma is not well

I woke with a horrendous sore throat in the middle of the night the other night.  So very sore and when morning came the day was not going to wait on me getting better so up I got.  Off out to a playdate and doing the chores I needed to do.  Slowly feeling worse and worse.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 14.06.49Then by the afternoon my body decided I wasnt listening so it was going to show me that I needed to rest and I fell into bed feeling very bad.  Lucky Dada was there to help .

On waking it felt like glass in my throat and was just so unpleasant ( I understand there is a lot worse and the point of this post isn’t about my infection )  though I felt guilty laying in bed.  I had no energy and felt I couldn’t move but yet mommy guilt crept in.  Poor April not getting played with .  Anyone else with me ?   There you are ill and not feeling well and yet your first thought is them .

Well the throat got worse and a rash appeared and then antibiotics were given as the infection was bad.  I took the next day in bed but kept saying to my husband are you okay ?  need me to do anything?  lol .  by the following day in bed I was missing April.  I got up and and tried to play for an hour and ended up back in bed not feeling the best.

Think what I need to say to you moms out there is .  It’s okay to take a day to yourself , healthy or unwell….. especially unwell .  It’s important to get you time in a normal week but when you are unwell its even more important.  The doctor said do not rush to get better , the body needs the energy to sort itself out . If you rush and get up then it will take longer to feel better.  We need to remember .  We need to get ourselves better first so that we can be there for our family.  Plus its good they miss us lol .

Hats off to anyone having to deal with longer illnesses and take care of a family . I can’t imagine how you feel and how you cope at times.  I don’t generally get it and I didnt cope too well .

The Skin Fairy

Kids fall a lot,  Its how they find out about the world.  Best thing about kids is when they fall they get back up.  However with these falls comes a lot of skint knees and cut hands.

My daughter does not cope with a bang or a graze.  She is hysterical.  she hates plasters so that cant be my FIXER .  However when I was little my mum would tell me that there was a skin fairy.  The skin fairy comes when you hurt yourself and makes it better when you sleep.  The fairys are the ones who put the scab on the wound when they are finished.  I loved this and it made me feel safe .

When april got to the age of falling and bumping herself I told her about the skin fairy and adapted it for our house.  Worked like a charm. Especially last week when she cut her finger and there was the first blood injury (very small but she was not happy)

If you get any bobos the skin fairy comes when you are asleep and fixes you.  They then leave a letter and a chocolate coin to say they have been and everything is fixed and better.  ( I google fairy notepaper and print a page out . Many to choose from)   .

She loves the idea and now when she hurts herself she says “Its okay the fairy will fix it”  happy child , happy mummy.

love from the Creative home xxxx

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