Well I am loving my new camera.  I have always loved taking photos, especially since becoming a mum.  I had thought about getting a DSLR a while back but I will be honest and thought ‘are they any better than a phone camera’  I knew they were but I also knew that phones were getting better and better at each new update and version.

Nieve Nieve Nieve.  Wow just wow on the quality of the DSLR photos. I love them. I am also learning some editing software via good old YouTube.  So lucky to have many people putting up tutorials to help beginners like myself.

Thanks out there !  I have taken these tonight on my camera but not edited any of them with the new software yet (one is edited (needed to crop only) with snapseed and transferred from phone ) .  Arent they stunning.  Maybe because I had a beautiful little model lol .