Everytime I think to myself I want to blog. I want to record a diary for my little one to look back on, or even me.  I have followed people who have a blog and wanted to be like them or make money from stuff but now its just for me. So if you are reading this then I am sure there are better ones . Ones that can spell better than I can and punctuate better .  Prob also have better posts.  This is going to be for me , me and my little girl to just have a space in the world where we can post our adventures and our memories.  Please be kind if you look .

I logged on to wordpress to discover my old one so why not ….. I will continue one I started.  Life has changed so much for us in so many ways.  Life is so short and all I want this for is a space for me and my daughter to record our adventures .

Much love Lorraine