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Bake bake cake

Remind me next year that I just need to buy a cake, go to shop and let April pick a cake from the supermarket.  Soooooo much easier.   After all do kids really bother if it’s homemade. Do they care how it actually tastes.  April doesn’t even eat cake but there I am with a recipe which has 10 eggs in it.   What was I thinking !

Youtube open for my lesson on buttercream and off I went .  The results, gladly, was a lovely cake. And a very messy kitchen, icing that got everywhere , 6 hours gone from my day as well as £30. Again.  Remind me next year to buy a cake.   I was however very very impressed by myself lol.  

Nothing ever goes as you plan

Just a short wee post.  This weekend I had it full of lots of activities and non stop fun but. …..   best laid plans never happen.   I woke up at around 2:30 with a head cold.   Seriously I’m too busy so please go away …. just in case you think that worked.  It didn’t .  I fell asleep again around 4 and my gorgeous girl woke me at 8.  I still had the head cold .   

Well had to change a few things but in the end it was still a good day.  We got baking the cakes for tomorrow and had fun doing that.  

The pumpkins didn’t get done and the pumpkin patch/farm didn’t get visited. However we will still have fun making pumpkin faces on Monday.  Maybe even Sunday night on her birthday .  Moral of my blog.  Have to go with the flow 😂

Baking day

Rainy days with a toddler can be tough. So planning was needed.  We have a bread machine which sits idle 90% of the time so today was its day lol.

Ingredients in first thing and turned on and after a couple of hours it, gorgeous smelling bread dough.   Half was given to the little toots to play with and the other momma made bread with for lunch.  April played with it for hours, allowed me to make and set the bread and even bake them and clean up while she still played.  After she was finished we had gorgeous fresh and healthy bread for lunch with a movie . Perfect

Cheap and makes lunch at the same time.

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