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When the world gives you lemons

Not sure how to start this blog.  2016 did not end the way it was meant to.   The cause….People, evil people.  I have always been a sensitive person and a person who wears my heart on my sleeve.  I hurt easily and love easily.  Found it to be a tough end to the year when people decide to lie, lie to seek revenge for something that didn’t need revenge.  Hate is a horrible thing and the actions people take to do things to  people they dislike.   Well I hope they reap what they sow.  Karma will seek revenge I hope.  They ( the wise people we never know lol) say that what you put out in the world you get back.  At times I have to admit I think thats why evil turned up at our door but in return it should turn up at theirs.  I don’t wish bad on anyone but I do hope Karma is involved.

Any way enough of that.  We are into 2017 .  Broken, hurt, sad and a little bit more wary but we are here, we are a family and thats all we can ask.

I write this blog for me, no-one else.  I loved doing diaries when I was little and I every time I have started a blog I end up stopping and always so difficult to close it with all my posts on and my pictures on so I will continue this and keep my cute memories.

2017 is definitely a NEW NEW NEW start for me.  I have never had a new start like it .  I don’t know where I am going or what I am going to do but maybe writing some of it down and the changes I get will be an amazing journey to record.

I believe very much in the Law of Attraction and lets see if it can make its difference for me this year.


Buddha experience

Yesterday I ended up in a Buddhism meditation class.  It was what I thought I was going too, but strange how the world can direct you to things. 

Me and my friend saw a class on ‘stop worrying and start living ‘.  I love things like this as find them very inspirational and buy a lot of books around these sort of topics.  

Well we attended the class and the talk was given by a Buddhist monk.   I’m not religious but I do have my own beliefs and values.  He spoke a little about Buddhism and I couldn’t believe how much matched my beliefs.  

I had a great time and felt great after leaving the class .  Loved the thinking and way behind the talk . Will def be signing up for more.

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