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Bake bake cake

Remind me next year that I just need to buy a cake, go to shop and let April pick a cake from the supermarket.  Soooooo much easier.   After all do kids really bother if it’s homemade. Do they care how it actually tastes.  April doesn’t even eat cake but there I am with a recipe which has 10 eggs in it.   What was I thinking !

Youtube open for my lesson on buttercream and off I went .  The results, gladly, was a lovely cake. And a very messy kitchen, icing that got everywhere , 6 hours gone from my day as well as £30. Again.  Remind me next year to buy a cake.   I was however very very impressed by myself lol.  

Nothing ever goes as you plan

Just a short wee post.  This weekend I had it full of lots of activities and non stop fun but. …..   best laid plans never happen.   I woke up at around 2:30 with a head cold.   Seriously I’m too busy so please go away …. just in case you think that worked.  It didn’t .  I fell asleep again around 4 and my gorgeous girl woke me at 8.  I still had the head cold .   

Well had to change a few things but in the end it was still a good day.  We got baking the cakes for tomorrow and had fun doing that.  

The pumpkins didn’t get done and the pumpkin patch/farm didn’t get visited. However we will still have fun making pumpkin faces on Monday.  Maybe even Sunday night on her birthday .  Moral of my blog.  Have to go with the flow 😂

Messy Play

My daughter has never been the kind of girl to sit down and play with toys in a little world of her own.  I loved doing that when I was little.  I always managed to play games and think  up an imaginary world.  However my little one is not quite the same.  Maybe 3 is too young I dont know.  She is more about making a mess.  So I needed 20 minutes one day to get something done and she would not let me so I made up a bit of a messy game for her .

She got a bowl , flour , lentils, eggs and water. She loved it . She played with this for ages and said she was making a Happy birthday cake for dada . I put in a little food colouring for her and made it turn blue

Not expensive and can add lots too it.  Next time I am going to get some glitter too

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