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My travel list for holidays 

We are heading to DisneyLand in Paris. Woohoo.  I cannot wait.  April is just three and although not sure of all that it is about she knows she gets to meet all the princesses and give them a cuddle.

I like lists and I like a bit of control. I like to think I have everything I need when I go or at least feel I have thought of most things.   Think all mums are the same so I thought I would give a quick look at my list of things to take.  This is tailored to our Disney holiday but it still gives some ideas of things you might forget on your list

2016-06-09 21.29.50

My Disney visit toddler list

  • Pull ups/bed pants – April is out of nappies but thought she may be extra tired and didn’t need any issues with an accident so this was easy
  • Wet wipes – For a million reasons lol
  • Favourite teddy – Something to remind them of home and security , especially if first trip away .
  • Musical light – April uses a musical toy at bedtime so we took that with her so her routine, even if later , was similar
  • Dress up clothes – believe me cheaper than Disney
  • Sweets / chocolate – Disney is expensive and food can be different so take things you know your kids like and will eat for snacks . Definitely helped
  • Empty juice container – easy to pour juice and water into and no spills
  • Zippy bags – helps put sweets into or unfinished food for later. You know toddlers
  • Nappy cream – I find April can get rashes quick so this is something to have handy
  • Calpol/Medicine – obvious reasons. don’t want to be stuck with out
  • Thermometer – I like to know what I am dealing with if ill
  • Clothes – I am sure you know what clothes to pack lol
  • Separate tights and socks (cold and hot) – I took both tights and socks. That way could easily make an outfit for sunshine or wet weather
  • 2 full days of extra clothes – I took two full day’s worth of clothes extra. that way felt covered for accidents or very different weather or even a fussy toddler
  • Blanket- Cosy cover if really cold or asleep in pushchair
  • Pushchair- there is too much walking for them. Must have a pushchair. You can hire them but definitely think about this
  • Backpack with colouring pens and toys for plane
  • Sun cream – hopefully sunny days
  • Hat
  • Glasses
  • Surprise toys for when bored – I kept small cheap toys for when April got bored and pulled them out . Got us some time and worth doing. Queues can be long so distraction works great
  • Shoes – at least two pairs so they are different on feet and not rub with all the walking
  • Change of clothes for mummy bag – another good idea in case accidents or maybe get cold.
  • Hoodie and light rain jacket – I felt this was enough to either double up or make lighter. Plus if really cold you have a blanket too
  • Facecloth – never seem to get a facecloth at hotels and worth taking for those cute messy faces.
  • Plasters for bobos
  • Hair bobbles and clips
  • A new toothbrush and toothpaste

I think that’s it. Oh wait ……. Have Fun Fun Fun

2016-06-09 12.28.10-1

Aprils new coat I made

I love sewing.  I am self taught and it doesnt always go well, but I keep going.  I love having new things to sew but dont want them to be overly complicated. WHo has time for that with a little madam running around needing to ‘HELP’ with everything you do .

On etsy I had been looking at a few sewing patterns and feel in love with a coat/jacket . It looked adorable….Could I make it though????

This is the etsy photo and etsy link


Well I have to say it was very easy to make.  The instuctions were easy and it took me under two hours ( I wasnt rushed) to make it . I love love love it .  I cant wait to make some more

Here it is IMG_3896what do you think ?  I Love it and here is my little madam wearing it and  a silly smile IMG_3900

Highly recommend this pattern , even for a beginner xxxxx

World book day 2016

My little girl started pre-school in Jan.  As tough as it was for me we embraced it wonderfully.  I love when an opportunity arises that I can get creative. So when world book day appeared on the preschool board I couldnt wait.

April is a girly girl and loves to dress up.  I knew I could have went to the supermarket and picked out many outfits but I want April to remember how involved I got and how I always tried to make her a little unique.

We (me) decided on Dorothy from the wizard of Oz.  As I thought most things just now are all Frozen related we would go with something else and stick with the BOOK idea.

I also like a bargain so on to ebay I go.  I bought a cute little basket and a gingham dress which come with a free hair tie.   Thats all I need

I embroidered on to the back of the dress “We are off to see the Wizard” and two red shoes.  I always have lots of scrap fabric so easy to add bits too or use in applique.


I cut up the hair tie and made two bows with some ribbon ( be careful of the glue gun OUCH)

I really enjoyed making this cute outfit. Cost me less than the store bought ones and something I can keep in her memory box for when she is older .




Memory Bear/Bunny

I love thinking of new things to sew/embroider.  I was clearing out more and more or my daughters clothes and had seen an article on memory bears.  In case anyone has not heard of them, they are teddies made out of clothes so that you can keep forever.

So I set myself a project to make one. However I did not want to go cutting up my baby girls clothes for it not to work and then I no longer have them to keep.  So I went to the charity shop and bought baby clothes to use for my test dummy.  Good idea eh?  I thought so.

I then had to find a pattern that I wanted to make .  There are lots of lovely sites to buy from.  Usually ETSY is great to view most of them together.  I choose a cute bunny that I liked. All floppy and cute.

Once the test bunny worked I got on to the real memory bunny and it turned out great.

 Definitely something I will do again.


Dinosaur hoodie

I think every child goes through the “I love dinosaur” phase.   Do you agree?  Well mine has anyway.  I love to encourage and thought I would make a dino hoodie.  So very simple to do just need a zippy hoodie and some jersey fabric.

The hoodies are very cheap from Amazon and so many different colours you can make .

I have not put a tutorial in as there are plenty on pinterest.  But it may be something I could add if  any one is interested. I would say that I used a bit of toy stuffing/pillow stuffing in the spikes to make them hold there shape.

What do you think ?  Would your little dinosaur wear it ?


much love

ME xx

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