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Aprils first makeup tutorial

This is Aprils first make-up blog (just a bit of fun)

April says you need nothing else just a blush and lip stick. We use 100%pure ( because its non toxic, natural and safe.

FullSizeRender 7

Starting on the lips ….you just need to go for it and circle round two times.  This should make it last ALL day lol.

FullSizeRender 6

Then move on to the cheeks. This is where you need to put all your attention.  Ensure that you push the stick in quite hard. Getting a good amount on there.  Next do the same with the other cheek.

Then start working the cheek bones . Best to swipe big so you get it all.

Perfect now you are ready to move on to your hair and get dressed


Ha HA hope this brightened your day.

Love from APRIL xxx


Quotes I love

There are so many quotes that I love that it is actually difficult to pick my favourite.  But here are my top ten.

These are the ones that I will hope April will also follow in life.

The first set are about her and who she is.  I want her to know she is more than she thinks she is. Capable of more than she knows.  One of the quotes is from the film – The Help.  I love how she wants the little girl to know and feel how special she is.  Also I want April to learn its HER life, she isn’t valued to her relationship with another just her relationship with herself.


The next set is about treating people right. Don’t let anger get in the way, never judge as you don’t know their story and again always be kind.


This set is about dreams.  So many things get in the way of dreams and goals that its nice to have a board to give advice.  I also believe in the Law of Attraction.  What you think about you get.  I think our thoughts are more powerful than we realise.

This last one is for when she becomes a mama.  I heard this not so long ago and thought it sums it up perfectly. Being a mum is fantastic and the best thing I have ever done but  Some days doing the same things over and over can be long.  They can be very very boring (it’s ok to say) .  But the years, well they ARE short and they don’t repeat.  So try to remember this at the tough times.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 16.04.52

Hope you liked my top TEN . Okay there was way more than ten but how could I cut these back .


Hope you follow on Instagram     HomeCreativeHome   Much love .  xxxx


The Skin Fairy

Kids fall a lot,  Its how they find out about the world.  Best thing about kids is when they fall they get back up.  However with these falls comes a lot of skint knees and cut hands.

My daughter does not cope with a bang or a graze.  She is hysterical.  she hates plasters so that cant be my FIXER .  However when I was little my mum would tell me that there was a skin fairy.  The skin fairy comes when you hurt yourself and makes it better when you sleep.  The fairys are the ones who put the scab on the wound when they are finished.  I loved this and it made me feel safe .

When april got to the age of falling and bumping herself I told her about the skin fairy and adapted it for our house.  Worked like a charm. Especially last week when she cut her finger and there was the first blood injury (very small but she was not happy)

If you get any bobos the skin fairy comes when you are asleep and fixes you.  They then leave a letter and a chocolate coin to say they have been and everything is fixed and better.  ( I google fairy notepaper and print a page out . Many to choose from)   .

She loves the idea and now when she hurts herself she says “Its okay the fairy will fix it”  happy child , happy mummy.

love from the Creative home xxxx


Our play picnic set

I love this set and love how we made it.  I got the picnic basket for my christmas off a friend and it was full of lovely treats. After christmas I was unsure what to do with the left over basket and thought about a picnic set for me and April to use.  April loves to pretend play so I thought we could make an indoor picnic set.  It means we can use it so much more than waiting on some sun in the UK.

We headed to the charity shop to find some fun china cups.  April picked these.IMG_3118.JPG

Aren’t they the cutest?

We then needed a teapot that a little one could use. At another charity shop we found this one. Nice and chunky so its easy for her to use and small too .  Its a teapot and a cup but she just loved the colours and perfect size to use as just a teapot


We ordered cheap fabric from eBay and we have ourself a quirky picnic set.  I love that it is made up of different things and can be added too .

So easy to do, you need to do it too !

Here we are having our picnic

Teepee fun

Last year I fell in love with all the teepees I saw for little ones to play in.  They are gorgeous and all over Facebook selling pages.  I love a project and don’t like to pay over the odds for things that I can maybe do for much cheaper.

Challenge set ha ha.

On Pinterest (who doesn’t love Pinterest) I looked for some DIY teepee tips and instructions.  There are lots and lots to choose from.  I picked three and made up my own version of the three.  Took me a few days with a little one running around but I finished it and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought.  I was so pleased with myself (its important to feel good at your creations).    I set it all up for my little one to see when she came down stairs in the morning and guess what?………She didn’t go in it.  Ha ha kids eh.  Luckily it didn’t last long and after a little while it was getting used and played in.  It is so easy to store it will last for a while.

I love it more than my little one does    😉


Dinosaur hoodie

I think every child goes through the “I love dinosaur” phase.   Do you agree?  Well mine has anyway.  I love to encourage and thought I would make a dino hoodie.  So very simple to do just need a zippy hoodie and some jersey fabric.

The hoodies are very cheap from Amazon and so many different colours you can make .

I have not put a tutorial in as there are plenty on pinterest.  But it may be something I could add if  any one is interested. I would say that I used a bit of toy stuffing/pillow stuffing in the spikes to make them hold there shape.

What do you think ?  Would your little dinosaur wear it ?


much love

ME xx

Toy Story Blanket -sewing

I love blankets. My house has lots, every room has a cosy blanket in it. Our favourite thing at night is to get comfy on the sofa with a blanket and watch a movie. When I first started sewing, my baby was around 6 months (wish I learned before she was born) and I made very basic blankets. It was the reason I started sewing. I thought how hard can it be to sew a square (I was wrong as sewing straight for a beginner is tough lol) 


Fast forward to now and many many blanket disasters later and blankets are still my favourite thing to make. I love buying pretty fabric and its the first thing I want to make with them. 


At Christmas my little one was mad about Disney Toy Story and watched it everyday. So I set myself a challenge to make a cowboy (Woody) blanket. It turned out great. I love it. April went off toy story just before Christmas ……….Cant make this stuff up but sure she will go back at some point


This was very easy to make. The hardest bit was shaping the red but you could make it straight or more of a traingle .
All you need is

Cotton REd (half metre)

Gingham yellow check (Fat quarter)

Cow print fabric . (half metre)

Red fleece for the back (metre)


I embroidered the sheriff badge and buttons on (all available from Etsy) and her name also .


I think it has turned out great and much cheaper than a standard Disney blanket.


Hope you like


Lorraine xxx

Sewing a Harry Potter

I love to sew and been self taught.  When stuck I turn to youtube, forums and one off classes. I have learnt so much and bought a second hand embroidery machine as my next step in the sewing world. I knew nothing about it and it felt so big in terms of learning, but slowly (very slowly and with a lot of broken needles) I eventually got the hang of it and the machine became too small and limited for what I was wanting to do next.  So my lovely husband bought me a Brother V3 embroidery machine for my birthday and Christmas.  It is my pride and joy.

I again started from the beginning and worked my way up . Was a lot scarier with this machine but only due to the cost. The machine itself was so user friendly and much easier to use than my beginner one.  Before I knew it I was downloading many many designs from Etsy and my house was covered in my creations.  I soon realised that you can make soft toys on the machine. Start to finish and all complete in the embroidery machine. I loved it. One of the best sites I found was Dolls and Daydreams ( Now they realise a pattern every Friday, its super exciting to see what comes out next. I have bought lots. They are so detailed and extremely well made.  I have had my machine for only a couple of years and started learning sewing just before that. I am proud of the progress I have made and this is where I am at now. I went from knowing nothing to being able to create this, With a little help by the embroidery machine of course (maybe more than a little)


This might not seem great to a very experienced sewer but I am very pleased.  The boy pattern is from and altered and added to a little.  The site has a forum and everyone helps to get a creation you will love.

If you are starting out on anything keep going you will be amazed at how fare you can get.

I could say this is for my child but I would be lying, its for me hee hee


Love me xxxx

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