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When the world gives you lemons

Not sure how to start this blog.  2016 did not end the way it was meant to.   The cause….People, evil people.  I have always been a sensitive person and a person who wears my heart on my sleeve.  I hurt easily and love easily.  Found it to be a tough end to the year when people decide to lie, lie to seek revenge for something that didn’t need revenge.  Hate is a horrible thing and the actions people take to do things to  people they dislike.   Well I hope they reap what they sow.  Karma will seek revenge I hope.  They ( the wise people we never know lol) say that what you put out in the world you get back.  At times I have to admit I think thats why evil turned up at our door but in return it should turn up at theirs.  I don’t wish bad on anyone but I do hope Karma is involved.

Any way enough of that.  We are into 2017 .  Broken, hurt, sad and a little bit more wary but we are here, we are a family and thats all we can ask.

I write this blog for me, no-one else.  I loved doing diaries when I was little and I every time I have started a blog I end up stopping and always so difficult to close it with all my posts on and my pictures on so I will continue this and keep my cute memories.

2017 is definitely a NEW NEW NEW start for me.  I have never had a new start like it .  I don’t know where I am going or what I am going to do but maybe writing some of it down and the changes I get will be an amazing journey to record.

I believe very much in the Law of Attraction and lets see if it can make its difference for me this year.


Swim April Swim

We took April swimming very early on . We found a great little pool.  The pool was warm, small and perfect for a baby.  It wasnt big enough to have serious swimmers in so was always quiet.

At the pool there was a swimming teacher that did private classes. When April was about two we asked about putting her on the list and getting her private swimming lessons.  THe group ones don’t take them until they are 5 but she takes them from 3 as its one to one.

She started a couple of months before her 3rd birthday.  SHe is doing so well and just loves the water. She has always been a water baby and has no fear.


So proud of you buttercup . Keep up the good work . xx

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