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Last day of 1st year Nursery

Dear April

I cannot believe tomorrow is your last day at nursery for the summer.  It has been great seeing you change when at nursery and also weird knowing you have a little life outside mummy and daddys world, and its just yours.  However its all part of growing up and I am so very proud of you and the way you have excepted the challenge.

You only started January due to your age, but the six months have seen you grow with confidence and courage.  You go with such confidence and you have made friends of your very own.

Its all new to me and your dad and we are trying to go with the flow with what happens and whats expected and try to show an interest and be part of each step when we can (allowed lol , the control freak momma has to have a step back )

Our first summer break and we will have lots of fun adventures I promise ( we couldnt stay in with your energy )  The entire week I have thought about you leaving for holiday and had to keep reminding myself that you are the one off for 6 weeks not mommy lol.  I wish it was me.

This week I have managed to be on top form with organising . I have done sweets for the teachers , wrote a letter to your little friends mum about meeting up over the holidays  (sadly she hasnt text me but at least I can say I tried) and sorted your Mad Hatter hat for your party tomorrow

Today I rushed home (after a very long day ) and we made chocolate shapes for you party tomorrow too . It wasnt too easy with you as my assistant this time around and there wasnt much concentration being had with the mad singing you were doing lol but we did it in the end .

FullSizeRender 8

I have your blackboard ready for tomorrow and I am loving that I can be part of your life and make the events as special as I can .  IMG_5244

Wishing you the best last day my gorgeous girl and a fun summer break with mama and dada .


Love you to the moon and back . xx


Do I dare say Christmas in July

Well I am a bit of a control freak but I dont say that negatively as I like it.  I am okay with it and I like being ahead of the game and feeling organised.  It works well for me .

The other part knows that unless I am organised I could not afford Christmas at the last minute so I need to be organised.

With both of the above I am currently Christmas shopping for the little one and have got the rest of the friends and family sorted mainly.

OK OK I realise you might just hate me right now and I come across as all smug but it honestly isnt like this .  I grew up always having to hear about money as my parents didnt have a lot.  They worked hard and we got what they could afford. Some times were much harder than others but as a child I knew money was short and important.

I left home early around my 20s and I bought my first house myself and managed my own money. When it came to Christmas I was so blessed with lots of friends that my bank balance felt it and I would spend the next year having to get on top of finances again.  I realised that just didnt work for me and I started early in the second half of the year collecting bargains as I went .  My friends started having Children before I did and before I knew it I was back to square one with having childrens gifts added on.  I was independant so there was no saying I couldnt afford it. I love giving gifts and try so hard to give good gifts too .

Fast Forward a few years more and I started collecting some of the great bargains in the january sales and the sales throughout the whole year.  I found a big cupboard space and packed them all in . I then sorted out at christmas what I had and who it would suit.  More years later and along came April and her very own Santa list .

I now start on january and buy throughout the year. It is now not about if I see if but I look out for the sales and think about the present cupboard first(its now a sealed large box in the shed lol ) I get amazing bargains, which means people get some great gifts that some times I wouldnt be able to afford all at once when December hit.   I look for really good kids gifts for April too and put them away .

With Aprils gifts I dont always buy new. I have done this with some of the things and I am guaranteed its the new stuff she isnt interested in and its my ebay second hand toys that she does.  Plus if there is something I buy second hand and she is not interested in it then I dont feel as bad as if I had bought new.

I love bargaining on ebay to see what is available (always go for best quality of course ) and the cost.  It can be a game.

Here are my tips for being better prepared for Christmas (and birthdays too )

  • Find a place that you can keep presents, this could be a drawer, box, under bed , cupboard ….. its ok to start small .
  • Look at all the bargain parts of the stores . Sales, whoops products
    , supermarket (they always have discounted stuff ) and buy if they seem a good bargain and a gift you have someone in mind for. Some things are a good bargain you put it away and sort out the recipient later
  • Look on ebay and gumtree for your own children , some awesome stuff and great prices.  Books , toys, electronics.  Lots of bargains can be had. Also good for ideas.
  • Look for when certain sales are on . CLothes shop sales, supermarket sales , jewellery shop sales and toys . You might not always buy from them and sometimes I wait until the last day of the sale to see what is reduced further.
  • Always make a list at Christmas time to see who gets what and makes the planning better.

Lastly have fun.  I enjoy this and its my way but not always someone elses .  I then have December free to enjoy all the festivity .





The Fair is in town 

When I grew up we loved going to the fair or the shows as we would call it.   So much fun and always felt massive.

Now I am taking my own little girl to the same one that visits every summer.  In fact I think some are the same rides I went on HAHA

You can never be sad at the fair.  Just look at how happy April is. Have you seen a bigger smile.

FullSizeRender 12

On another note.  How expensive is it ?!  I am lucky I only need to pay for one child. If you had 4/5 children that’s an expensive day out.  However it’s something you have to do as a child .  Always fun. Xx

The Skin Fairy

Kids fall a lot,  Its how they find out about the world.  Best thing about kids is when they fall they get back up.  However with these falls comes a lot of skint knees and cut hands.

My daughter does not cope with a bang or a graze.  She is hysterical.  she hates plasters so that cant be my FIXER .  However when I was little my mum would tell me that there was a skin fairy.  The skin fairy comes when you hurt yourself and makes it better when you sleep.  The fairys are the ones who put the scab on the wound when they are finished.  I loved this and it made me feel safe .

When april got to the age of falling and bumping herself I told her about the skin fairy and adapted it for our house.  Worked like a charm. Especially last week when she cut her finger and there was the first blood injury (very small but she was not happy)

If you get any bobos the skin fairy comes when you are asleep and fixes you.  They then leave a letter and a chocolate coin to say they have been and everything is fixed and better.  ( I google fairy notepaper and print a page out . Many to choose from)   .

She loves the idea and now when she hurts herself she says “Its okay the fairy will fix it”  happy child , happy mummy.

love from the Creative home xxxx


Easter Fun Ideas

Easter Fun Ideas
With my little girl being 3 now, easter has become a lot more fun.  I decided to really celebrate easter this year for the first time and start a bit of an easter tradition. Something we haven’t had before but would look forward to each year.
When she woke up the easter bunny had left a basket in her room with an easter T-shirt in it , a bunny teddy and a little easter treat in a bag .
when we went downstairs , the dining room was laid out like a teddy bear/ Toy picnic .  I told my daughter that the easter bunny must have been having a picnic with the toys while we were sleeping. She loved it and we ate our breakfast there.
It was easy to put together thanks to the 99p shop (if in UK) and the dollar stores (if in USA) . I got the following
  • Stickers – which I put on bit of card to stand up as a little display
  • table cover – I just folded this to the size I wanted
  • Shot glasses – these were shaped perfectly to the adult ones to look like mini tumbler glasses
  • paper plates
  • Bunny lights
  • Easter confetti
  • Easter bunting
The shops are always full of great selections at the time
After breakfast (always good to get something other than chocolate to start , might not get away with that every year) we got our easter basket and went egg hunting.  Had to be indoors this year due to the weather but she didn’t mind.  We bought plastic eggs and had lots of different gifts inside them (this was cheap loot items from eBay).  She had a blast and had to play the ‘hunt the eggs’ game many many times during the day .
All items you need would be super cheap and lots of hours of fun.  Let us know of any ideas you do
Hope you like
Love from us xx

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